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Excel Throttle Control

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Excel: The Story

As it says—I’m Tom from Excel Cycle Werkes — and, as you might expect, after creating many “riding enhancements”, and as the riding miles built up, some form of throttle control was the next venture.  I rode with almost all of the available devices over time, but each had it’s own plus and minus—they just didn’t do it for me.

My initial goal was to have a throttle control device that was easily “on” and “off” and be adjustable for throttle rotation tension while in use. I worked with some real basic mechanical ones, basic and complex electronic units, and — as you would expect, there were a lot of: “well, that works, but … nope, pitch that one.”  Then, the refinement started to happen and here we are.

So, while this has taken several twists and turns during development, as the main page says, “Generation 3” is here and in production  - get your order in while the current production run has inventory.

The Excel Throttle Control employs a totally unique design of engagement and disengagement. You can read about it on the “How it Works” page. 

When “disengaged” or “off”, the throttle returns to normal rotation operation.  The Excel Throttle Control does not lock the throttle and can be easily over ridden at any time with a minimum of effort. Since the unit retains its previous setting it can be engaged and disengaged repeatedly without having to readjust the amount of end pressure. That’s ONE of the key features of the Excel Throttle Control.

One last thing—I also ride an R1200RT with OEM electronic cruise and added the Excel unit as another prototype user. When riding in light traffic, the OEM unit needs to be switched on and off frequently, where the Excel unit allows easier throttle control. Just a thought, should you wonder.


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Tom at Sedalia MOA 12


The top row, from left:  clutch plate, index wheel, adjuster wheel, and the body.


Below left is the “complete assembly”.


On the right is an end view of the body showing the adjuster in the center of the unit.  In this view, the bar end bolt comes through from the back.



While I show you the working parts; Follow the installation instructions &  just go riding.


PLEASE - don’t attempt to disassemble — I welcome phone calls if you are having problems.