Excel Throttle Control

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Gen3 Excel Throttle Control

now available for the Africa Twin. 


The price is $185.00, plus $8 shipping - sorry, international will be more.

Honda Africa Twin

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Phone: 309-244-7405

Email: sales@excelthrottlecontrol.com

Due to the unusual design of the Africa Twin bar ends, it required (3) additional, complex parts that other models of my controls do not require, which (sorry) means additional costs.


One advantage of my design, over and above the functionality and ease of operation, is the fact that my unit is compatible with the "Barkbuster" handguards, should you choose to add them in the future. See installed picture below right.

Keep in mind that this unit is not designed to compensate for elevation changes such as going up and down hill. When riding on extremely windy days, or into the wind, you will notice that you may have to apply more tension with the “adjuster wheel” for the Excel Throttle Control than normal.  Similarly the faster you ride it may require more “adjustment”. In both of these conditions the rider may choose to turn the ”adjuster wheel” farther, which in turn means more end pressure, or — it  increases the tension on the throttle return spring.

The working parts are shown above to reference the installation instructions.


This application uses the basic “GEN3” instructions with some slight changes for the new parts. It’s not hard, just follow the steps and supplied instructions (and see this page) & JUST GO RIDING!


PLEASE - don’t attempt to disassemble the unit! — I welcome phone calls if you are having problems.

Above: Gen 3 for the Africa Twin with Barkbusters- Photo courtesy of Nik - 1st AT unit sold