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Text Box: As you figured out — I’m not set up for e-transactions.
So: Please email this information for your order
State, Country
Phone Number
Your Bike  & Year (example: BMW 2009)
Bike Model (example R1200GS with stock handguards)
Thank you—this saves both of us some back and forth for details

“Gen 3” is available — if you happen to be on the waiting list for a new application, yours will be in the mail shortly - it’s all about the details (other applications & prototypes in design phase!).

The price is due to the R&D required, complexity of the machine work, each bikes unique bar end setup, and the quality of materials used.

How to Place an order

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Phone: 309-244-7405

Email: sales@excelthrottlecontrol.com

“GEN 3”

Excel Throttle Control

Watch the install videothe unit is preset and has ty-wraps holding it in place. The only initial adjustment required at installation is to the internal adjuster (see this page) to compensate for your bar end variations.  If you have questions, call me first!  Do not attempt to disassemble or make other adjustments. Please! It saves us both time & expense.

So — pricing as shown, plus $8 USPS shipping (2/3 day Priority rate).  Sorry, International shipping presents obstacles—normal shipping cost applies & will be more than above.

As always, generous installation instructions included—we BOTH want your new GEN 3 Excel Throttle Control to work as designed & fully tested.

Call me or email me to place an order,  Tom