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The original was built for the R1200GS - most BMW’s are supported including the scooters. There are units for most of the other common manufacturers — see  the product page. This install “YouTube” should help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPMwNTKrD1s

This is a “bar end” mechanical device & like some others, replaces your RIGHT bar end weight, EASILY switched to an “engaged” position & “release” (on and off) while riding & adjustable while you are riding! 

You install it with your existing bar end fastener (Torx or Allen head bolt) or the one supplied with the Control. Follow the included instructions and you should be back riding in 15 minutes or less.

The Excel Throttle Control employs a totally unique way of engagement and disengagement. The palm of your  hand or a finger moves the ball toward the rider from the “disengaged” to one of two “engaged” positions; then, in reverse motion for “disengaged” or “off”. For GEN3, I added the extra “stage” for a slight engagement, or the next stage for full engagement. After installation setup, the index or “Daisy” wheel can be adjusted to achieve a precise “throttle rotation tension adjustment”.

The “engaged” throttle control is quickly released by an upward motion of the right hand (or finger) on the ball. Think “roll off”, which releases the end pressure that was applied to the throttle and allows the throttle to snap shut. The Excel Throttle Control does not lock the throttle and can be easily over ridden at any time with a minimum of effort. Since the unit retains its previous setting it can be engaged and disengaged repeatedly without having to readjust the amount of end pressure.

Full disclosure statement: this unit is not designed to compensate for elevation changes such as going up and down hill or gusty riding conditions. When riding in extremely gusty or windy conditions, you may have to adjust the “tension applied” to the Excel Throttle Control.  Similarly the faster you ride, more “pressure” or “rotation control” is required. The rider adapts the unit to the situation while riding by rotating the “adjuster wheel”.

           Take control—it’s your ride!

Tom Dowell

How It Works


The top row, from left:  clutch plate, index wheel, adjuster wheel, and the body.


Below left is the “complete assembly”.


On the right is an end view of the body showing the adjuster in the center of the unit.  In this view, the bar end bolt comes through from the back.



While I show you the working parts; Follow the installation instructions &  just go riding.



PLEASE - don’t attempt to disassemble — I welcome phone calls if you are having problems.

“GEN 3”

Excel Throttle Control