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Information required for new application

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Phone: 309-244-7405

Email: sales@excelthrottlecontrol.com

As always, generous installation instructions included—we BOTH want your new GEN 3 Excel Throttle Control to work as designed & fully tested.

Call me or email me to start this process for a new unit.


If your model is not listed on the product page & I have not built a throttle control for your bike — AND— IF you are interested in helping, I will provide you a data sheet to start a new application.

Information necessary is detailed, but not hard to obtain. Obviously, your year, manufacturer, model, and if there are items added other than stock (Barkbusters are an example). You can see a sample of the worksheet here.

Relevant details involved in designing a unit are as follows: does the bike have bar end weights, are the handle bar ends tapped or are the bar weights attached by a wedge type insert, does the bike have hand guards, if so, what kind. Does it have heated grips, or are you planning to add them. Fairly accurate dimensions will be need to be taken, preferably with a set of dial calipers.

Please take the length dimensions of the end of the throttle with any slack in the throttle being pushed to the left. Always keep in mind that everything revolves around my ability to contact the end of the throttle tube, as the rubber grip is traditionally way to soft to push against.

Based on the above, for a NEW application I would also add free shipping for this new unit to offset your involvement.