The Cycle Werkes Shop:

As on the opening page - My machine shop produces prototype & “small run quantity” products. A recent customer asked if I had a control for an older Moto Guzzi (yes), another: a newer CanAm? working on it. On my sister site (Excel Cycle Werkes - link), a request for an exhaust extension for a GS mounted Akropovic exhaust - as discussed, "small run & specials" - it's finished & has been shipped (nice! the customer said).


Other background & interests: there is the restored Bultaco Alpina, the Yamaha 350 dirt bike with my shop built Euro-spec sidecar, and others.


While building special items for motorcycles, I personally test the designs for functionality and longevity - as well as my demo riders providing evaluations. Attention to detail and high quality materials (stainless steel and others) are required for the final result.


Tom Dowell - owner, designer, machinist...

After many years working for Caterpillar in Illinois as a general machinist, Tool & Die machinist, Tool Room & Manufacturing Management, a private Machine Shop owner, and in other manufacturing positions, I retired.